ActiveBelly - Burn Belly Fat

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What is ActiveBelly?

Try ActiveBelly to reduce your belly fat!

ActiveBelly is a specially designed waist belt which increases the effectiveness of your aerobic activity – in our studio we use it in combination with indoor-biking.

It helps you significantly to burn belly fat faster. Combination of pressure massage with the cycling movement is a scientifically proven method to bring you the expected results much faster.

It’s portable, easy to control and very effective device.

In 45 min sessions you get all the workout you need.

This belly belt stimulates blood circulation in the problematic areas by alternating inflation and deflation of pressure chambers. It boosts your metabolism and stimulates lymphatic system.

Who is it for?

The ActiveBelly is for anyone who is trying to reduce and burn belly fat faster and more efficiently.  You only need 45 minutes workout 3 times a week to start seeing the results.

We simply lend you a helping hand in losing fat, draining metabolic waste and improving your workout routine.

How to use it?

You simply put the belt on before you start your 45-min biking exercise. 

We provide two different belt sizes:

Size S  60cm – 96cm

Size XL  86cm – 130cm

Notice: ActiveBelly device works effectively in waist circumference up to 130cm.

Why use ActiveBelly?

Alternating pressure activates fat metabolism and movement sets the lymphatic system in motion. That provides for better draining of metabolic waste, strong blood circulation and better supply of oxygen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All this processes combined have positive effects on reducing the fat in the belly area and help you burn belly fat faster!

The metabolism of fats is activated by alternating pressure which ensures better removal of metabolic products.

During the workout, we recommend monitoring your heart rate (our bikes have the heart rate sensors) to keep exercise in the aerobic zone to ensure fat burning at all time. We will calculate your optimal heart rate for you so you get the most of the training.