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What is Vacushape

VacuShape is the new, revolutionary vacuum technology machine in Toronto. It helps to get rid of cellulite and fat in a much faster and more efficient way when compared to other aerobic exercises.

It targets most problematic areas:
Hips ● Stomach ● Buttocks ● Thighs

What does it do





Improved Skin Tone

Reduce Water Retention


We offer intro, single and multi-session packages. Intro session is only $20.

What clients say

VacuShape has become part of my weekly workout routine! I’ve been going two to three times a week since the end of March and I’m seeing amazing results so far!
Liane K.
These sessions have helped reduce water retention in my body and improve muscle recovery from other workouts. Love!
Lisa B.
I love these high impact Vacushape sessions. In just 2 short months, I’ve lost 5 inches around my hips and thighs and 3 inches on my stomach. It’s their high-impact 20 sessions package. It boosted my metabolism a lot and reduced cellulite on my legs. I’m hooked! Wow!!!
Elisa P.
I'm on my feet a lot at work and I find Vacushape really helps improve the swelling in my legs. It's also such a quick and low impact workout, but afterwards you feel the difference.
Kitty C.


How long is each session?

Each VacuShape session is 40 minutes. It consists of a 30-minute walk in the vacuum and 10-min for warm-up/cool-down. Thanks to vacuum calories are burned up to 4 times faster.

VacuShape creates a more efficient environment to burn fat and reduce cellulite, compared to normal running exercises.

How often should I use VacuShape?

In the beginning, we recommend 3 sessions per week for a period of eight weeks. Then you may decide to continue with a further fat breakdown or to stabilize your achieved results come in for one session per week.

Why is VacuShape so effective in burning fat?

While walking in the VacuShape under a low atmospheric pressure, you are increasing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat prone problematic areas of the lower body.

This increased supply of blood, nutritions and oxygen to the lower body, results in a higher metabolism process, increased cell activity and faster fat burning.

What results to expect?

Scientific tests have proven that using the VacuShape women lose 3 times more on their thighs vs. normal fat-burning training. Regular use of the VacuShape can help achieve an average fat reduction of one pants size per month.

For women who store excess water, these results can be more than doubled.

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VacuShape is the new, revolutionary vacuum machine in Toronto. It helps you to get rid of cellulite and fat in a much faster and more efficient way when compared to other aerobic exercises.

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