Vacushape reviews

Testimonials of many happy clients

VacuShape has become part of my weekly workout routine! I’ve been going two to three times a week since the end of March and I’m seeing amazing results so far!
Liane K.
These sessions have helped reduce water retention in my body and improve muscle recovery from other workouts. Love!
Lisa B.
I tried both Vacushape and Active Belly here at DreamShape Studio and I am so impressed!! They are easily understandable workouts that really targeted that stubborn weight that I wasn't losing in my stomach and lower body. I'm obsessed!
Danielle S.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE this place and this concept. Simple, quick and effective workout based on science. I've seen remarkable results not only in my physique but in my skin and how my digestive system is regular. Kate cares about your journey and definitely is ahead of the curve. It's as simple as you walk and let the machine do the rest. Worth it!
Jewel T.
I've been coming to Dream Shape studio for a few months now and can honestly say I've seen results from the Vacushape machine! It's a low intensity workout (essentially walking on a treadmill with a vacuum inside of it so you burn more calories since it creates resistance) but you will still have a good sweat. It's perfect if you're wanting to get back into shape but want to start with something less intense and work your way up. The sessions are individualized and catered to your own body weight, age, etc. so it feels like a private workout session.
The owner Kate and her staff are amazing and very knowledgeable about how the machines work--they will walk you through the process, especially if it seems like an intimidating concept at first. Definitely give it a try if you're looking for a low intensity workout with results!
Tanya R. T.
I love these high impact Vacushape sessions. In just 2 short months, I’ve lost 5 inches around my hips and thighs and 3 inches on my stomach. It’s their high-impact 20 sessions package. It boosted my metabolism a lot and reduced cellulite on my legs. I’m hooked! Wow!!!
Elisa P.
I'm on my feet a lot at work and I find Vacushape really helps improve the swelling in my legs. It's also such a quick and low impact workout, but afterwards you feel the difference.
Kitty C.
I was looking for a new workout which would improve my problematic areas such as belly and thighs. I tried both Vacushape and Activebelly and got great results! Workout is really intense and effective. Kate is very nice and passionate about what she does. 100% recommend!
Michaela H.
I’m so glad I started working out with Dreamshape Studio! Friendly staff and I leave feeling great! Very effective workout I will definitely be returning for more!
Shannon S.

VacuShape Benefits




ACTIVATE Lymphatic System

Reduce Water Retention



exercise machine

Target Areas

Hips Buttocks

Thighs Stomach

VacuShape - vacuum treatment machine

VacuShape is the new, revolutionary vacuum treatment machine in Toronto. It helps you to get rid of cellulite and water in your legs more effectively than other aerobic exercises.

As you walk on the treadmill inside the vacuum pod, your hips, thighs, buttocks, belly and calves get more intensive blood circulation. The controlled sub-atmospheric pressure inside the pod causes fat to dissolve faster.

The design of the machine is based on the fact that for burning excess body fat cardio movement is absolutely essential. The body’s tissues need to be sufficiently supplied with blood and oxygen. The hardest areas to target are the hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

You can start seeing results after several sessions. However, for the best results and proper activation of your metabolism, we recommend starting with 3 sessions per week for 7 weeks.

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